Russian version of the Mittleider Weekly Feed Mix calculator

Mittleider Weekly-Feed Mix Calculator

If you want to try the Mittleider gardening method but have difficulties making the Weekly-Feed Mix,
this calculator can help.

With this calculator, you can quickly create a fully balanced Weekly-Feed mix using virtually any sorts of fertilizers locally available to you. All you need is to read the content on the package and type the numbers into the calculator. Or, choose from the list below if you see there something you can buy nearby.

Warning! Fertilizers available to you may have different content from the ones listed in the table below. Be careful. If your fertilizers are different, add them as new, giving them different names.

Select fertilizers available to you (the more you choose, the better):

Available fertilizers:
N nitrogen, %
P2O5 phosphorus, %
K2O potassium, %
MgO magnesium, %
18 46    
13   46  
+ Add fertilizer which is missing

Ratio of the elements in the final mixture

Feel free to adjust this ratio, if you are an advanced gardener.

magnesium (MgO)
nitrogen (N)phosphorus (P2O5)potassium (K2O)


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